Ozone Machine, Ambient Air Cleaner, Hygiene Cabinet

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Uniser, years of machinery production, by a team of experts in given fields for the development and marketing;

Marginal in production and consumption, maximum benefit oriented, creation of health-friendly machine on continuous R&D which, it produces useful to society with products, product efficiency high health priority, it aims to save energy.

Uniser and serves domestic and international market production with different production style and perspective.

Overview of Ozone in the Cooking and Grinding Sector

Ozone is an antimicrobial and pathogen control agent widely used in many food processing applications.

– The use of ozone in food applications was opened in 1997.

– In flour and grinding, ozone is an application that continues to develop with many researches already done.

Strong disinfectant effect

Ozone is among the best known disinfectant substances in the world, it is 3125 times stronger than chlorine.

It is 100% environmentally friendly, never harming the environment, because weakly bound oxygen acts, while other oxygen molecules mix into the air. Again, for example, another molecule peroxide used as a color bleach in the flour sector remains on the product and this residual residue is carcinogenic. On the contrary, Ozone also has the ability to clean, remove and odor the chemical residues in the environment.

It leads to savings in production. It increases the shelf life of at least two to four times, especially in products requiring a long wait in the food industry and transportation process.

Thanks to the feature of ozone that destroys the cell wall of bacteria and many other microorganisms, its strong disinfectant effect is too large to compare with any substance.



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