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The success story of Tosyalı Holding goes all the way back to 1952 when the Father, Şerif TOSYALI, produced handcrafted stove pipes and boiler buckets in a 9 meter square shop in Iskenderun with his sons. Since then the Craftsman Şerif’s sons Fuat, Ayhan and Fatih took over the TOSYALI flag and started commercial life in the 1970s. When the young and hardworking brothers, who were shaped by the sounds of hammers on sheet metal, had established Tosyalı Metal Trade, the results of their patience and hard work, the year was 1988.

1993 was a breaking point for the three brothers who followed in the path of their father in trade. The brothers, who made their presence known in the market at the İskenderun Organized Industrial Zone also prepared to realize their investment idea for Tosyalı Demir Çelik San. A.Ş. This investment, which was completed only a year later, included the first rolling mill where construction iron would start to be produced and bracket production would start in the following year.

The Companies convened under the Tosyalı Holding roof 

After Turkey the family began preparations to open out to other countries and decided to establish Tosyalı Dış Ticaret A.Ş. in 1996. Rapidly moving forward, increasing production capacity and succeeding at utilizing the existing market, the brothers continued to invest without slowing down. In 1997 one of the locomotives of the holding, Tosçelik Profil ve Saç Endüstrisi A.Ş. was established in the İskenderun Organized Industrial Zone. Only a year later all of the companies active in the sector convened under the roof of Tosyalı Holding.

The family, who started industrial pipe and box profile production in the capacity of the rapidly growing Tosçelik Profil ve Sac Endüstrisi A.Ş., never forgot their responsibilities towards people, their region and the environment throughout these operations. The Hacı Şerif TOSYALI Health Center, the holding’s first social responsibility project, was constructed and fully equipped before being presented as a donation to the Ministry of Health. In 1999 Tosyalı Holding Chairman of Board of Directors Fuat TOSYALI was awarded with an “Honorary Certificate” for his service to health and education by the President of the time, Süleyman DEMİREL.

800 million dollar export

The investment in the Tosçelik Galvanized Pipe Production Facility began in 2002. While the group began dispatching galvanized pipes 2 years after this investment, they also decided to begin producing natural gas pipes and low carbon steel granules (balls) in 2005.

At the same time that there was excitement about starting production at Tosçalik Granül Sanayi A.Ş., for which the foundation was laid in 2006, the Istanbul Dilovası Steel Service Center investment was given a start to provide customers and dealers in the Marmara Region with better services. Along with all of these developments Tosyalı Holding succeeded in being ranked 90th in Turkey with 800 Million dollar export.

Tosçelik Granül Sanayi A.Ş. exported its first products to Finland in 2007. With the commissioning of the Tosçelik Natural Gas Fixtures Pipe Production Facility the Tosyalı Family became stronger with each newly completed investment.

The Investments Never Slowed Down

 The Tosyalı Family began seeking out new investments to further fortify their place in the sector. Two such investments, the Osmaniye Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Production Facility and Tosçelik Osmaniye Flat – Structural Steel Production Facility started being built in April 2008. In the meantime, the Istanbul Dilovası Steel Service Center, for which investments were completed, began providing services in the Marmara region.

With the Tosçelik brand reinforcing its power in industry more each day, the Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Facility within the Osmaniye Plant began production in April of 2009. Also liquid steel and billet production started at the Tosçelik Osmaniye Flat – Structural Steel Production Facility in August 2009. In November of the same year the hot sheet rolling mill began operating in the Tosçelik Osmaniye Flat – Structural Steel Production Facility and the first hot rolled sheet production began.

In 2010, the Tosyalı Flat Steel Production Facility, the first flat steel production facility of the Turkish private sector, was opened with great ceremony by Prime Minister R. Tayyip ERDOĞAN.

Investor of the Year Fuat TOSYALI

In 2010, Fuat Tosyalı was named as “Investor of the Year” at the World Newspaper’s Honorary Podium of Economy and on the same date Tosçelik Profil ve Sac Endüstrisi. A.Ş. became the champion in income tax for the province of Hatay. Tosçelik and Tosyalı Demir Çelik were also rewarded by the SGK (Social Security Institution) for being among companies that paid the highest premiums. In addition to all of these achievements that were a source of pride for the company, the Gebze Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association rewarded Tosyalı Holding as “Turkey’s Most Successful Economic Enterprise of the Year”.

Another indication of the rapidly rising Tosyalı Holding’s decisive and powerful stance is the ISO rankings. While Tosçelik Profil ve Sac Endüstrisi A.Ş., as the leader of the sector rose to 17th place in the ISO 2010 top 500 companies list, Tosyalı Demir Çelik San. A.Ş. was positioned at 152nd place. Thus two Tosyalı companies continued to hold significant places in the ISO 500 list. In the “Anatolia 500” ranking, organized by the Economist magazine, Tosçelik Profil ve Sac Endüstrisi A.Ş. rose to 1st place in 2013 taking a position at the top of the rankings.

In 2011 Tosyalı Holding Chairman of Board of Directors Fuat Tosyalı was chosen and honored as the “Industrialist of the Year” by Ekovitrin.

5 thousand meters of pipe per minute

Moving forward with its drive to develop and invest in industry Tosyalı Holding operates at the Osmaniye Organize Industry Zone with a pipe production facility possessing the largest indoor area in Europe. 5000 meters of pipe is produced per minute at this facility. The group is proud to be able to produce pipes and profiles in a quality that responds to all needs of the industrial sector.

Tosyalı Holding laid the foundation for its ingot and rod rolling mill as an addition to its chain of investments in 2012 to reinforce its power in the sector and add new products to its growing range. The facility, which produces high added value ingot and construction iron, was completed in record time and started production in July of 2014. This facility stands out from all the other investments with its advanced technology capable of producing the best quality products at the largest scale in Turkey to date.

The Group is preparing for new investments

The foundation for the Tosyalı-Toyo Çelik A.Ş. High Technology Steel Production facility, for which feasibility studies went on for 2 years starting in 2012, was laid on January 3, 2015 in a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Ahmet DAVUTOĞLU. The facility, which will be installed on an area of 250 thousand square meters, is expected to start production in 24 months. High technology sheet metal used in the electronic, automotive, home appliance, construction and packaging sectors will be produced at the facility.

The countdown has also begun for the Tosyalı Erzin Port, a project in which the plan is to extend the sea all the way to Osmaniye. The port with a yearly capacity of 10 million tons, will serve as the largest port in the Middle East.

At a time when the world’s energy deficit is rapidly growing and 80 percent of the electricity in Turkey is being imported, Tosyalı Holding has taken an important step with this issue in mind and decided to make a giant investment in energy. The power plant, which will be located in the İskenderun Bay, will become the first of its kind with advanced technology and environmental sensitivity. Construction is planned to start on the facility, for which the EIA, license and permit transactions have been completed, in the very near future.

The EIA process has been started for an advanced technology products steel factory for producing profiles that are not produced in Turkey but imported from abroad at the present. The 2.5 million tons capacity integrated steel production facility, which will be established in the Iskenderun Bay, will also be among the first of its kind in terms of technology and environmental sensitivity.

As Tosyalı Holding we do not view industry as only producing-employing-export and tax but in addition to our production volume in the Turkish Steel Industry, the new investments we have made and the direct and indirect economic contributions we have gained for our country, we also place importance on projects in the fields of education, health, sports, society and culture to show our concern for the environment and our community. We see our work in this area as one of our corporate responsibility’s strongest values.

Our Primary Social Responsibility Projects;

-Hacı Şerif TOSYALI Health Clinic (İskenderun)

-TOSÇELİK Science High School (İskenderun)

-Hacı Pervin TOSYALI Homes of Care (İskenderun)

-TOSYALI Azganlık Mosque (İskenderun)

-KIZILAY Blood Center (İskenderun)

-TOSYALI Mosque (Belen)

-TOSÇELİK Social Sciences High School (Osmaniye)

-TOSYALI Applied Learning School and Vocational Training Center (Osmaniye)

-TOSYALI Multi Purpose Sports Facility (Osmaniye)

-KIZILAY Blood Center (Osmaniye)

-M.Fatih TOSYALI Anadolu İmam Hatip High School and Dormitory (Reyhanlı)

-E.Ayhan TOSYALI Girl’s Dormitory and Indoor Gym (Reyhanlı)

-Sponsorship of the Hatay Civilizations Chorus

Tosyalı Holding Chairman of Board of Directors Fuat TOSYALI, was awarded the “Outstanding Service Medal” by the TBMM (the Grand National Assembly of Turkey) in 2007 for his donations and aid to the province of Hatay.

In addition to all of these investments and social responsibility projects, Tosyalı follows changing and advancing technology and reserves a significant budget for research and development work. The company also contributes to product development processes in Tübitak’s TEYDEP projects.

Closing the year 2014 with large investments and projects, Tosyalı welcomed 2015 with one of the Japan’s giant companies, Toyo-Kohan. Having signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese steel giant Tosyalı Group, in 3 continents with 12 subsidiaries and 18 facilities one of which is under construction, will continue to invest and to progress.



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