Crankshaft Grinding Machine, Boring and Surface Milling, Surface Grinding and Milling Machine, Valve Grinding Machine, Hydraulic Workshop Press, Vertical Drilling Machine, Air Compressor, Vehicle Auto Lift

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In 1988, with the manufacturing equipment and honing machine HONMAKSAN a.ş. 20 000 m2 factory on the board today, with 7 500 m2, has become a leader in the industry.

Valve replacement and overhaul the entire engine producing machines HONMAKSAN in 2009, up from 20-500 tons hydraulic presses production workshop earned, 60 are used in the country has become a close.HONMAKSAN has made manufacturing machines, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, as well as by exporting to many countries of the world, including North and South America, contributes to the country’s economy.

Great convenience to its customers after sales technical service and preserves the HONMAKSAN, customer satisfaction has taken place with the most prominent. Machinery imports and exports of rigorous studies exhibited as a result of our company is certified ISO 9001-2000 Certificate of Conformity with European safety norms have also been CE.

HONMAKSAN’ın range; your rent grinding machines, Cylinder Boring machines, honing machines, Anayatak bus benches, engine block and valve grinding machines, lever machines in the bar bushing, sbop slot processing machine, and the cover cracked engine block test benches, sbop grinding machines, 20 tons to 500 tons, hydraulic workshop Peres, disc lathe machine, diesel pump control equipment, vertical columns, drills, service equipment, air kopresörleri, special machines and machine attachments are optional.

HONMAKSAN founded 23 years ago, reflecting the production of innovations in technology had brought, provided a stable growth. Has many firsts in the industry. HONMAKSAN, today, have come to join forces in terms of the national economy and the great support from the Turkish sanayicisiyle state. Professionalism, quality and reliability of the adopting firms, educational programs, supporting the affordable price with timely delivery and after sales support to consumers in principle offers an excellent service. Since the establishment of a strong follower of technology, which directly contributes to the production technology and machine manufacturing company, has taken great strides in opening up the sector abroad. HONMAKSAN yesterday’s quality assurance has become in today’s